Meet Rolanda Hollis

Rolanda Hollis is a Birmingham native who is ready to fight for House District 58!

A real estate broker with more than a decade of experience in real estate and business, Rolanda understands the value of hard work. She’s ready to use her experience to resolve many of the issues facing House District 58. We can rely on Rolanda.

Rolanda graduated from Huffman High School before earning her bachelor of science in accounting from Tuskegee University. She is a member of Guiding Light Church and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. Rolanda is married to Aaron Jefferson and has two children.

“This community is my home and I am running for House District 58 to make sure these issues
receive the serious treatment they deserve. People in this community deserve no less.”

Vision for House District 58

  • Government Accountability. Our elected officials should be accountable to the people. There is a lack of accountability coming from Montgomery on key issues, and Rolanda will ensure this changes so promises are kept and goals are met.
  • Prison Reform. We have a responsibility to make sure we pass common sense prison reform measures that keep dangerous criminals off our streets while not overcrowding our prisons because of out-of-date, sometimes discriminatory laws.
  • Education. We must invest in our children’s education and provide a higher standard for their future.That process begins at the local level, but requires a strong voice in Montgomery standing up for our kids.
  • Small Businesses. Small businesses are the backbone of our community, and Rolanda will make certain that their voice is heard in Montgomery.
  • Ratepayer Focus for Water Works. Over the past 15 years our water rates have increased 300%, and the water board is not providing one more gallon of water to any more people than they were 15 years ago. That's unacceptable to the people of this district. If elected, Rolanda will have every rate increase audited and demand the board has a plan to reduce our rates and provide more assistance to seniors and low-income residents.

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